Deka 8G31DTM Gel Battery

A 12 volt 97.6 Ah Gel battery; group size 31. Perfect for deep cycle applications such as marine, solar and backup power. Ideal for long term use in demanding applications requiring high and low temperature tolerance. The Deka 8G31DTM gel battery is a maintenance free battery.

Be sure to compare this battery to the Northstar PL-AGM 31M and save money with reduced downtime and increased longevity

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Part Number 8G31DTM
Voltage 12
Capacity 97.6 Ah
Size 30H/31
CCA 550
CA 780
RC 180
Chemistry Gel
Length 12.94 in.
Width 6.75 in.
Height 9.38 in.
Weight 70.0 lbs.
Termination U
Warranty 1 Year Free Replacement
Manufacturer Deka East Penn Manufacturing Co.
Additional Information Sales Sheet