Deka 8G31DTM Gel Batteries

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A 12 volt 97.6 Ah Gel battery; group size 31. Perfect for deep cycle applications such as marine, solar and backup power. Ideal for long term use in demanding applications requiring high and low temperature tolerance. The Deka 8G31DTM gel battery is a maintenance free battery.
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Additional Information

Part Number 8G31DTM
Voltage 12
Capacity 97.6 Ah
Size 30H/31
CCA 550
CA 780
RC 180
Chemistry Gel
Length 12.94 in.
Width 6.75 in.
Height 9.38 in.
Weight 70.0 lbs.
Termination U
Warranty 1 Year Free Replacement
Additional Information Sales Sheet
Brand Deka

Dominator’s unique gelled electrolyte technology offers some of the deepest cycling batteries in the marine industry. Our Gel design is built to withstand the heavy multiple charging and recharging service demanded by heavy house power or extended trolling needs. These evolutionary maintenance-free batteries deliver dependable performance cycle after cycle while providing longer battery life, even under the toughest marine conditions. Their spillproof design and minimized gassing makes them safe to use on or around sensitive electronic equipment.

Dominator batteries also have starting power. If the battery’s cold cranking ratings match the engine starting requirements, you can get dependable starting in addition to premium deep cycle performance.
- Thick, Shock-Absorbing Gel And High Density Plates provide superior resistance to vibration and damage.
- Gelled Electrolyte Consistency prevents ultra-deep discharge damage from a uniform acid gravity.
- Solid Gel State won’t leak or spill like liquid electrolyte.
- Reinforced Fiberglass Mat And Exclusive Tank Formed Plates prevent shorts and enhance electrical performance.