Solar Appliances

Solar Appliances

SunStar Refrigerator

SunStar offers an extensive line of solar refrigerators and freezers. If you are looking to take your solar project to the next level, then you will want to eliminate appliance that have a huge drain on your solar system. SunStar products are the perfect solutions. Their products are designed with coated steel interior and double gaskets, which saves energy by ensuring that the refrigerator or freezer is completely sealed. Plus, they have a cooling fan, which allows for a faster cool down and longer compressor life. With a low frost build-up and no cold loss, you can reduce costs all the way around. Take full advantage of the ever growing solar industry by investing in a solar freezer or refrigerator now!

Benefits and Features:

► Efficient
► Reliable
► In house designed compressor
► Can be operated by a single 220 watt solar panel
► DC appliance – Do not need an inverter for operation. Power goes directly into powering the product.
► Built in automatic 12V/24V current switch - Allowing you to us almost any battery or location.
► Perfect solution for off grid cabins or RVs.

Contact us to find out more about the Sunstar refrigerators and freezers. We have solar specialist on hand, who help you design any type of solar system you may have in mind.

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