OPz Batteries

OPz Batteries

Technology is all around us, but in order for it to work, there has to be a source of power. The battery industry continues to create more offerings, which will efficiently supply the energy that is needed. OPZ Batteries are constructed with outstanding cycle life, and is one of the best options when it comes to solar PV for homes or businesses. There are two types of OPZ Batteries, which includes Tubular Cell Flooded and Sealed Gel. They come in 2V or 12V, and range in sizes up to 3000 Amp Hours. Designed to give a maintenance free operation, as well as a long life span. Plus, they deliver powerful performance. This robust battery is environmentally friendly, affordable and highly functional.

OPZS Batteries

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OPZS Batteries have a tubular design, which contain lead selenium alloy. This helps give the battery a long life span. Consumers receive the best possible combination in lead acid plate technology by combining tubular positive plates and lead selenium/low antimony alloy. These batteries are designed to provide you with optimal performance when utilized in standby and cyclic applications. Plus, they are a maintenance free battery option.

OPZS Battery Features:

► 20 year design life - due to optimized low-antimony selenium alloy
► Low Maintenance - add water to them every 3 to 5 years when using for float applications.
► Excellent cycle stability - due to tubular plate design
► Less chance of damage caused by short-circuits
► Leakproof post seal
► No positive plate growth
► Easy assembly and installation - battery lid with integral handle
► Low self-discharge of less than 3%

OPZV Batteries

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OPZV Batteries are a Valve Regulated Acid battery that utilizes gelled electrolyte and Tubular Plate technology. This provides the battery with reliability and optimal performance.  OPZV batteries can be used for a number of applications, which call for a long life span and maintenance-free operation. The electrolyte is a fixed Gel. OPZV batteries can be used for telecom, industrial, reserve power, utility and solar power systems.

OPZV BatteryFeatures

► 20 year design life
► Maintenance-free operation
► Gel tubular plate technology
► Leakproof post seal
► High cycle life
► Flame retardant ABS covers standard
► Safe - zero voltage exposed to personnel

OPZ batteries create a reliable and environmentally friendly energy source, which can be utilized by a number of industries as a backup system. Application use includes telecom businesses, railways, electricity cabins, uninterruptible power supplies, ups, electricity and nuclear power plants, emergency lighting, microwave radio system and renewable energy systems. Used in all sizes of applications, including those requiring a medium or large power source.

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