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  • The PVX-1040T Battery Has An AGM Design

    PVX-1040T Battery

    The PVX-1040T battery is a solar battery that will give you the power you need, when you need it the most. Solar batteies need to work efficiently, both on and off the grid. Sun XTender is a company that’s been manufacturing excellent solar batteries for this purpose, since 1987. Their specialty is AGM batteries, the latest and greatest in lead acid battery technology. There are a ton of battery-friendly features associated with this spectacular AGM battery. Continue reading

  • FAQ Of Flooded lead acid batteries

    Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

    Flooded lead acid batteries are fantastic batteries, but they are misunderstood, perhaps because it is a technology that not everybody is familiar with. Hopefully this page will answer some of the most common questions that you may have about them. Continue reading

  • Are You Looking For an AGM Battery?

    Buying an AGM Battery

    If you are looking for an AGM battery, you may be weighing up whether this type of battery will be right for you or not. Hopefully a list of the pros and cons of the battery may help you out. Continue reading

  • The PVX-2580L Battery By Sun Xtender

    The PVX-2580L Battery

    The PVX-2580L battery is an AGM deep cycle battery that suits a variety of needs, both on and off grid. This AGM battery is used in solar power activities. The battery is valve regulated and designed in a manner that allows it to be tipped over or lay in an awkward position. Continue reading

  • Telecom Batteries Are Needed In Many Industries

    Exploring Telecom Batteries

    There are many variations and types of batteries on the market. More often than not, batteries are used for telecommunication purposes between large manufacturers or power plant entities. These types of batteries are known as telecom batteries. Telecom batteries vary in size, function, and type. Here’s a glimpse of the overall uses of telecom batteries, as well as the commonly-used battery types and their respective functions. Let’s take a look at some of the batteries in use today! Continue reading

  • 190 Watt Solar Panel Can Efficiently Run Your Solar System

    190 Watt solar panel

    The world is changing as we know it. As we use more of our precious, non-renewable resources such as oil and water, efforts are being made to find sustainable solutions to energy usage that extend beyond the means of fossil fuel consumption. One of the primary drivers behind this movement is solar energy. There are many types of solar panels used by homes, but the most often is a 190 Watt solar panel. Continue reading

  • Have you Considered Purchasing The GPL-31XT Lifeline Battery?

    The GPL-31XT Lifeline Battery

    The GPL-31XT battery is manufactured by Lifeline, and this is one battery you will want to know more about.  Automated Glass Mat batteries are the latest in lead acid battery innovation. Not all batteries are created equally, and that is why it is best to know as much as you can about these technologies before making your power purchase. This model battery is created by a manufacturer that adheres to standards set by both the Navy and Air Force. This ensures that the quality of this excellent AGM battery is up to the latest standards when it comes to battery technology and performance. Continue reading

  • Learn More About The Magnum MS2812 Inverter

    The Magnum MS2812 Inverter

    Getting a great-working inverter is a key part of a great solar energy set up. In particular, the Magnum MS2812 inverter is a high-grade addition to any solar energy nerds arsenal. Here’s a look at some of the exciting features associated with this top-class inverter. Continue reading

  • Lifeline Is The Maker OF The GPL-8DL Battery

    GPL-8DL Battery

    A product of Lifeline batteries, the GPL-8DL is a battery of the highest quality. It’s produced for very sophisticated military usage. Its top of the line design showcases a brilliantly small discharge rate. Plus, this battery is maintenance free and spill proof. Continue reading

  • How Can You Use A Gel Battery?

    Gel Battery

    There are many types of lead acid batteries. All of them operate from the lead within the battery cell. Some are as old as rocks, such as the classic wet cell battery. Some are relatively new and only have about 30 years of time on the battery market. The newest and high-tech of the lead acid batteries are the AGM battery and the Gel battery. Gel cell batteries are relatively new and are much more efficient than wet cell batteries. Continue reading

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