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  • Shipping LifeLine Batteries


    As a Platinum Distributor for LifeLine we ship their batteries on a daily basis from our warehouses strategically located throughout the US and directly from the factory in California. We ship to end users and business in and outside of the country. Due to the size and weight of these products questions from customers arise as to how we ship them. Depending on the model we ship one of 2 ways; Ground parcel service such as FEDEX or UPS Ground or Common Carrier services such as R&L Carriers or FEDEX Freight. All orders leave our warehouse within 2 business days and are typically received within 3-5 days after the ship date. A list of how each model ship is below:

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  • Battery Tender Lithium FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions for BATTERY TENDER LITHIUM

    Are the Lithium Ion batteries and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries the same?

    No, Lithium-ion batteries have lithium as their main component and are rechargeable. There are a lot of types of Lithium Ion batteries; the most popular is the Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries due to their innate safety and long life.

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  • Pure Lead AGM Northstar Batteries

    Finding the correct battery for your vehicle can be both time consuming, and a major headache. Many people opt to go for the cheapest batteries on the market, but overtime, come to find out that the battery they purchased doesn't last for too long. Finding a good battery is essential, and definitely worth the investment of buying a high quality like. Northstar batteries are designed to be ultra high performance, with a premium quality that you will not likely find with many other brands. Continue reading

  • Reliable Deka Gel Batteries

    Are you looking for high quality batteries that won't lose It's juice and power after a short amount of time? The average person goes through at least 5 batteries a year, due to the fact that most manufacturers don't make batteries to last. Since certain types of batteries aren't cheap, the cost adds up over time. With Deka Batteries, you no longer have to worry about faulty batteries or batteries that just won't last for a long period of time. Continue reading

  • Power conversion with PowerBright Inverters

    PowerBright is a leader in the Power Conversion Equipment Industry. Whether you need power inverters, cables, regulators, adapters or transformers, PowerBright has you covered. They produce 12- and 24-volt DC to AC power inverters in both modified and pure sine wave, along with step up and step down 110 to 220V voltage transformers. Their wide array of products will ensure that you can find anything that you need, without having to worry about purchasing a low quality product. Continue reading

  • Power Up with Detran Battery Tender

    Looking for batteries that are safe, reliable, and dependable? Tired of suffering from negative effects caused by most trickle chargers? Battery Tender is an amazing company that produces everything you can possibly need. They make a variety of products, all high quality and built to last. Battery Tenders microprocessor technology, along with their quick connect convenience automatically maintains the batteries in all of your vehicles. Never get stuck again with no battery charge. Continue reading

  • Product Review - Lifeline GPL-31XT AGM Battery

    Lifeline batteries are famously known for delivering outstanding peak performances, with ultimate life cycling capabilities and one of a kind reliability. Lifeline batteries are best known in the marine industry, among professional anglers, yacht captains, and long distance cruisers. The newest battery added to the line up is the Lifeline GPL-31XT AGM Battery. It is a high performance, Mil-Spec AGM battery. It is coast guard approved, with longer lifespan than your average battery. Continue reading

  • Product Review - Samlex 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter SSW-2000-12A

    When it comes to power inverters, Samlex products are the best on the market. They are high quality, and built to last. One of their latest power inverters is the Samlex 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter. This inverter offers a brand new option for powering your sensitive applications. Most ideal for powering your office equipment, entertainment centers, battery chargers, or other sensitive loads from your car, RV, or Solar System batteries. This power inverter truly takes the headache away from having to plug your devices into different outlets. Continue reading

  • Product Review - LBC50 12V 50AH Lithium Ion Battery

    Looking for a high class, Lithium Ion Battery? Look no further, because the LBC50 12V 50AH Lithium Ion Battery is all that you need. These batteries are built to replace outdated lead acid, gel and AGM batteries. It is a drop in replacement to lead acid and because of the integrated BMS, a quality charger made for AGM and/or your vehicle's charging system will charge these perfectly. You can easily connect in parallel, or in series. Zero maintenance is required and no catastrophic failures (sudden battery death) which means no worries. This battery is also 70% lighter than lead acid and perfect for a variety of applications such as automotive, marine, standby reserve power (UPS), solar, wind and more. Continue reading

  • Product Review - Zenaro LED bulb ZSU-A19

    Looking for a high quality, top of the line LED bulb? Tired of buying bulbs that die out quickly, or lose their luster after a short period of time? Zenaro has the perfect solution for you: the Zenaro LED ZSU-A19. The Zenaro ZSU-A19 LED lamp is energy star listed, offering an excellent dimming range, is mercury free, and UL listed for It's top performance and safety. Continue reading

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