Product Reviews

  • Why We are Proud to Offer Northstar Battery Products

    Northstar Battery Products

    Here at SEP Batteries, we offer the complete range of Northstar battery products. There are several reasons as to why we do this, some of which are going to be discussed here. Continue reading

  • Why Buy an Odyssey Battery from Us?

    Odyssey Battery

    Here at SEP Batteries, we are regarded as one of the ‘top’ companies in the country when it comes to batteries. In the market for an Odyssey battery? Well, let us tell you why you should be buying it from us! Continue reading

  • What is the GPL 4DL?

    Lifeline GPL 4DL Battery

    The Lifeline GPL 4DL is regarded as one of the better batteries on the market, at least for some purposes. Manufactured in California, this battery is in use all over the globe. Let’s take a little look at it, shall we? Continue reading

  • Why Buy a Deka Battery?

    The Deka Battery Company

    Considering a Deka battery? Fantastic! You have made the right decision. Let us explain a few of the reasons as to why. Continue reading

  • Cleaning your Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

    Maintaining Your Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

    If you have flooded lead acid batteries, then it is likely that you are going to want to ensure that they continue to work as long as possible. They are not cheap, after all! That is why we have put together this guide for you. We want to help you when it comes to cleaning your batteries. Continue reading

  • Cleaning Your Cyclon Batteries

    Cyclon Batteries

    Cyclon batteries are, quite often, regarded as some of the best in the world. One of the things that our team loves about these batteries is that you can leave them to their own devices without any issues. They require very little in the way of maintenance. Of course, it is always wise to check them from time to time, just to ensure that they are in peak condition. You want to prevent any corrosion from becoming an issue. Let us help. Continue reading

  • Battery Tender Products and their Advantages

    Battery Tender 

    If you have been researching lightweight batteries, then you will probably have heard of Battery Tender. This company is regarded as one of the best in the industry. Here, we are going to take a look at why these products are so brilliant. They are a bit more unique than the norm, but they are still great! Continue reading

  • Maintaining Your Sun Xtender Battery

    Sun Xtender Battery

    One of the main reasons as to why people look into the Sun Xtender range of products is because they are in the market for something that lasts. They want something that is going to require very little in the way of maintenance, but is still able to offer a brilliant lifespan. Of course, while batteries from this brand can be ‘left on their own’ without any real issues, if you really want to get the most out of them, it is suggested that you regularly maintain them. Doesn’t need to be all that often, once every few months should be fine! Continue reading

  • Maintaining Your Lifeline GPL 4DA

    Lifeline GPL 4DA

    One of the main benefits of the Lifeline GPL 4DA is that it requires very little in the way of maintenance. In fact, it is for this reason that it is often used as a source of backup power by people. Of course, it is always wise to keep an eye on it. Maybe every couple of months, just to ensure that it is in the best possible condition. Continue reading

  • Maintaining Your GPL 4CT Battery from Lifeline

    How To Properly Care For Your GPL 4CT Battery 

    The Lifeline GPL 4CT is probably one of the most popular marine batteries in the world. While this is a battery which has been built for a minimum amount of maintenance, you would do well to give it a quick check-up from time to time. The battery can last a long amount of time. Regular maintenance will ensure that it lasts even longer! Continue reading

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