Cleaning your Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

Maintaining Your Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

If you have flooded lead acid batteries, then it is likely that you are going to want to ensure that they continue to work as long as possible. They are not cheap, after all! That is why we have put together this guide for you. We want to help you when it comes to cleaning your batteries.

flooded lead acid batteriesHow Do You Know If Your Battery Needs Cleaning? 

For the purposes of this article, we are going to assume that you will be looking for corrosion. This is because it is corrosion which can really reduce the lifespan of a battery. There are two ‘telltale’ signs that corrosion is present on the battery:

  • There is a fine white powder around the terminals of the battery. This indicates that the battery is in the earliest possible stages of corrosion. If you have caught the battery at this point, then you are exceedingly lucky!
  • If the battery has a thick crust around the terminal, then things are going to be a bit trickier. If there is a lot of it, you may need to replace the battery. However, you still may want to give cleaning a go first!

Cleaning Solution

There are several options that you can use when it comes to cleaning your flooded lead acid battery. However, we like to keep things simple. This is to use a baking soda solution. There are some people out there who will use cola products. However, we do not recommend this for flooded cell products as you do not want the cola getting into the battery.

Mix two tablespoons of baking soda up with two tablespoons of water. You should have a thick paste that you can use.

Cleaning The Battery

Apply this baking soda solution directly to the battery terminals. You should notice that it starts to ‘fizz’. This shows that it is having an impact on the corrosion. Make sure you let it finish before you move onto the next step.

The next step is to take a toothbrush to the battery. Give it a light and gentle scrub. If the corrosion has really had a massive impact on the terminals, then you may need to crank out a wire brush. Make sure all of the corrosion is gone.

Finally, grab a damp cloth and wipe the terminal clean. If you are lucky, all of the corrosion will be gone! Once that is done, apply some petroleum jelly to the battery and wait for everything to dry. You should now be able to hook the battery back up to your system without any issues!

If you think your batteries are beyond the ‘point of no return’, then get in touch with us. We have a plethora of flooded lead acid batteries on our website that you can purchase! If you need any information about the type of flooded cell battery that may be right for your project, then we would love to help you out too.

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