LiFePO4 12V Review: Battery Tender 480C Lithium Battery

A Personal Encounter With a LiFePO4 12V Battery

Are you thinking about investing in a LiFePO4 12V battery? Read my personal review! My son and I are bonding over an old motorcycle that I got from my father as a graduation gift. It’s not that old and I don’t want to talk about the motorcycle that much, so don’t ask me about the model and make.

Anyway, it was stored in a garage for ages and I recently thought my son and I could spend the summer fixing it. When we got to the point of replacing the old battery, I checked out, which my friend had recommended. I went online to check out LiFePO4 12V from Battery Tender.  

I called the site’s customer hotline to make sure I was getting what I needed and thankfully the SEP’s support was patient and friendly. So anyway, I got the Battery Tender LiFePO4 (LFP) product and got a Science crash course courtesy of my son.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Apparently, they are the safest batteries on the market. They don’t overheat, can withstand a certain amount of overcharging and over voltage. The compound’s intrinsic thermal stability allows the battery to operate even in high temperatures. This means, I won’t have to worry about explosions and leaking of acid and exposing my son to toxic materials, which became my main reason for investing in this product.

The Product

Manufactured by Deltran Battery Tender, it is a Lithium Iron Phosphate engine start battery. It is made to replace standard batteries such as AGM, Gel and lead acid batteries.

The advertising claims it can be used in various applications such as water vehicles, power sports, utility vehicles and more. I am using it on an old motorcycle I almost junked already, but brought back to life.

It comes with a three year limited warranty.

Quick Specs

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Cranking Amps: 480
  • Replacement Range: 26-35(Ah)
  • Weight: 3.75 lbs
  • Length : 165mm
  • Width: 86mm
  • Height: 130mm
  • Operating Temperature: 40 - 140°(F)

Special Features:

  • It is supposed to last for 18 months on the shelf
  • Significantly lighter than SLA equivalent by 60% to 80%
  • Lasts longer as well, by 5x regular batteries
  • Comes with a Quad Terminal Configuration made especially by Deltran for easy installation
  • 2000+ charge and discharge cycles
  • 80% Depth of Discharge


Costs twice as much as its conventional counterparts.


It weighs only a fraction of the old battery. This lightweight feature will help save energy when the bike is running with much less weight.

Thoughts and Comments

My friend has been using his LFP battery for two years now and he has no complaints. My son has been using the motorcycle for a couple of weeks now and has no complaints either. I plan on taking it on a long ride soon though.

The LiFePO4 12V by Battery Tender is indeed pricey, but if it lasts for two or three years, I think it is worth it.

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