Backup Your Solar Panel System With The Magnum MS4448PAE Inverter/Charger

Using the Magnum MS4448PAE Inverter/Charger

The Magnum MS4448PAE can be used to create a backup for your solar power system. It is designed to care for the most demanding renewable energy applications, which makes it the perfect power solution for those that live in remote areas.

MAGNUM MS4448PAEThe sun is not always present, and that is why it is important that a backup power source be in place. This inverter/charger allows you to have power when you need it the most. Plus, it is possible to combine up to four units to make a total of 17.6 kW of power at 120/240 VAC. There is no need to stack combined units, as they can be placed parallel to one another.

How Much Solar Power Do I Need?

Applications contain a specific amount of wattage. In order to figure out the amount of solar power that you would need to run your home, you will first have to determine wattage-hours, which will depend on the length of time applications will demand power. For example, if you want to power a 100 watt light bulb for 24 hours straight, then it would require 2400 watt-hours.

Statistics show that the average American home requires 30,000 watt-hours each day. However, the number of watts required is ever changing, as you power appliances on and off. When an electrician wires your home, they will determine the size of your electric panel according to the worst case scenario of how many applications would be running at any given time. When deciding on your solar system, you need to determine if it will back up a few loads when the power goes out, or become the main source of power for your home.

Installing Solar Power In My Home

A solar system can become a complexed thing when wanting to use it to power your whole house. However, many individuals still choose to install their own renewable power source. If you have a large off-grid system that needs to be put in place, then you should recruit the help of a professional. You will find that Magnum inverters are prefer  by professionals, as they are durable and reliable.Magnum MS4448PAE

When working with a professional to install your solar system, they will ensure the wiring meets all local codes and safety requirements. This will ensure your home runs securely on your newly installed renewable energy source. Determining the size of the solar system that you will install, will help you decide if you can tackle the job alone or need to call in a professional.

All homes are different, and that is why it is necessary to analyze your home based on your needs. Professionals will be able to give you a rough estimate of what you will need, how much you will spend and what you can save by using solar power.

Choosing a Magnum Inverter For Your Solar System

There are many benefits to using a Magnum Inverter with your home solar system. Rather you are just installing a few panels or powering your whole house, there is a Magnum inverter for the job. Here are some of the features that the Magnum MS4448PAE offers.

  • Power Factor Corrected (PFC) Charger
  • Easy-To-Install
  • Pure Sine Wave
  • 24 or 48 Volt Configuration
  • Lightweight Aluminum Base
  • Cover Reduces Noise And Is Corrosion Resistant
  • Multiple Ports
  • Parallel stacking up to 4 units
  • Versatile mounting
  • Accessible Design
  • On/Off Inverter-Mounted Switch with LED Indicator
  • Terminal Screw Block And 360° DC Connection Terminal
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

SEP is a supplier of Magnum inverters, and we understand what it takes to efficiently power your solar system. When needing supplies for your renewable energy project, be sure to shop the SEP website.

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