Working With The NorthStar NSB40FT Blue+ Battery

High Demand Areas Need the NorthStar NSB40FT Blue+ Battery

Daily life may require you to have a reliable power source, as many parts of the world experience frequent power outages. The NorthStar NSB40FT Blue+ is a high cycling battery that can be recharged frequently. The NorthStar Blue Series was designed to ensure efficiency during high demand periods. When a battery is recharged repeatedly, it has a direct effect on the battery’s life span.

NSB40FT Blue+Having a battery, such as the NSB40FT, will allow you to minimize the amount of power you are using from a diesel generator. This battery is much more cost efficient, and can quickly deter the effects that you may experience during an outage.

Being able to recharge the battery quickly is important, as you never know when the next power outage may strike. NorthStar created the Blue Series with exceptional cyclability. This allows you to use the battery during high demand periods without worrying about damaging the battery when frequent recharging is occurring.

Blue Star Technology delivers five times faster and three times as many cycles as a standard AGM battery. This is thanks to Partial State of Charge (PSOC) cycling technology. This gives you the reassurance that you need when outages occur, as well as a cost efficient backup source of power.

Exploring The NSB40FTNSB40FT Blue+

This robust battery was made to deliver power when you need it the most. With high cycling and fast recharge functionality, the NorthStar Blue Series is the one you want on your side during frequent power outages. It becomes very costly to run a diesel powered generator, and that is why NorthStar designed this extraordinary series of batteries. They saw a consumer need, and ensured it was fulfilled.

No loss of capacity will be experienced due to the Partial State of Charge functionality. This makes NorthStar the number one source of power for essential equipment that requires a backup energy source. The NSB40FT is designed to work in demanding environments.


  • Choice of power when dealing with frequent power outages
  • Front Access Terminals
  • Operating Temperature range: -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to 149°F)
  • Flame retardant and LOI of at least 28%
  • 2 year shelf life at 25°C (77°F)
  • Partial State of Charge (PSOC) cycling technology
  • All NorthStar telecom batteries are compliant with: Telcordia SR4228, Bellcore GR-63-Core, Issue 1. British, German, Russian, African, and Brazilian telecom standards. UL approved
  • Approved as non-hazardous cargo

NorthStar Is Dependable

NorthStar is a reputable manufacture in the battery industry. They have a large line of batteries, which cater to a variety of needs. Their high quality products has made a global presence, and are utilized among a number of industries all over the world. NorthStar is always advancing in the technologies that they use, as they strive to keep the upper edge on their competition. Their AMG Batteries are created to provide peak level performance, less downtime, longer lifespan, and requires less maintenance. All this together, makes an efficient battery that costs less to operate. When high demand is required, the NorthStar NSB40FT Blue+ is a battery you can rely on.

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