OPZ Batteries Are A New Technology That Is Eco-Friendly

OPZ Batteries Are Very Diverse In Their Offerings

OPZ batteries are made with an outstanding life cycle. With the increase in energy demand, many individuals are turning to alternative power sources. These batteries are most often utilized by solar systems for homes or businesses. There are two types of OPZ, which includes  Tubular Cell Flooded and Sealed Gel.

OPZ BatteriesThere are a variety of options, as these batteries come in 2 volts or 12 volts, as well as sizes ranging up to 3000 Amp Hours. They are a maintenance free battery choice, that are constructed for longevity. If you are looking for high performance, then you will want to consider the OPZS solar batteries. Not only are they efficient, they are also environmentally friendly, affordable and functional.

Learn More About OPZS Batteries

OPZS batteries contain a tubular design, and are constructed with lead selenium alloy. Their chemical makeup provides a long life span, which is ideal when powering an alternative energy system. One of the best forms of lead acid plate technology available on the market, as it is combined with tubular positive plates and lead selenium/low antimony alloy.

OPZ BatteriesThey can be used in standby or cyclic applications, and are very robust in their offerings. Plus, they are a maintenance free option. The alloy makeup gives this battery corrosion free properties, and also decreases the inter-granular buildup. These properties allow the cells to function correctly, while decreasing the chances of battery failure. With this combination, you are getting advantages from lead-calcium and lead-antimony cells, without any of their downfalls.


  • 20 year design life - due to optimized low-antimony selenium alloy
  • Low Maintenance - add water to them every 3 to 5 years when using for float applications.
  • Excellent cycle stability - due to tubular plate design
  • Less chance of damage caused by short-circuits
  • Leak proof post seal
  • No positive plate growth
  • Easy assembly and installation - battery lid with integral handle
  • Low self-discharge of less than 3%

Learn More About OPZV Batteries

The other type of OPZ is the OPZV battery. They are a Valve Regulated Acid battery, which uses gelled electrolyte and Tubular Plate technology. The chemical makeup provides the battery with outstanding performance abilities, and makes it very dependable. With a long life span and maintenance free design, this battery can be utilized in a number of applications. These include telecom, industrial, reserve power, utility and solar power systems.


  • 20 year design life
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Gel tubular plate technology
  • Leak proof post seal
  • High cycle life
  • Flame retardant ABS covers standard
  • Safe – zero voltage exposed to personnel

New To The Industry

OPZ batteries are new to the industry, but are quickly gaining the limelight that they deserve. This Eco-Friendly battery options are the perfect backup system that can be used in a number of industries. They are being used with applications that require medium or large amount of power, such as telecom businesses, railways, electricity cabins, uninterruptible power supplies, ups, electricity and nuclear power plants, emergency lighting, microwave radio system and renewable energy systems.

Made with a transparent container, it is easy to monitor the battery. Click here to learn more about what these amazing batteries have to offer.

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