Ordering From Us

Information on product availability, order tracking and commonly asked questions regarding how to order from our company and your order will be processed.

Product Availability

At Stored Energy Products Inc., we do our best to reflect the stock status for our products. When viewing a product, we will tell you one of two things:

♦ We have active stock on this item and how long it takes to leave our warehouse.

♦ Stock status is not shown. Please contact us for the most accurate stock status.

When a product page indicates to stock status, it does not necessarily mean we are sold out or have the item on backorder. As we cannot reflect live stock status at all times, it's possible an item listing several in stock may be backordered, and one listing zero may refer to a product housed at a partner warehouse that doesn't report stock status to us directly. Please contact us for the most accurate stock status.

Order Tracking

Your order can be tracked online 24/7 by logging into your account. Click the "My Account" link at the top or bottom of any Stored Energy Products Inc. page to login and view your orders and their current status. You can also access order tracking at the link at the bottom of the page "Order Tracking".

Order Status: Below are the different types of status you might view while your order is being processed.

♦ Processing - When an order is first placed, it has been recorded by our system. Orders while in this status can usually be changed or cancelled. During this time we will email notice of any delays or back orders.

♦ Complete - This order has been confirmed as leaving the warehouse in one or more packages. Tracking numbers and the shipping company are usually provided. Shipping confirmation and tracking numbers being entered may take 24-48 hours to propagate into system as we deal with over 3 warehouses, not all using the same system at this time.

2 thoughts on “Ordering From Us”

  • Pat Bauer

    Have you made any RV conversions to the Lithium batteries yet? I'm looking to replace my 4 flooded cell, 6V deep cycle batteries with the equivalent of 600 amp hours of battery storage or better.

    What would be your recommendation?


    • Drake

      Thank you for your inquiry and yes we are working with several manufacturers who are offering Li-Ion conversion solutions for both Marine and RV. Please contact our sales department at sales@sepbatteries.com. From there a technical representative will request information, review and be able to suggest the best solution for your application.

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