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  • Product Review - Samlex 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter SSW-2000-12A

    When it comes to power inverters, Samlex products are the best on the market. They are high quality, and built to last. One of their latest power inverters is the Samlex 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter. This inverter offers a brand new option for powering your sensitive applications. Most ideal for powering your office equipment, entertainment centers, battery chargers, or other sensitive loads from your car, RV, or Solar System batteries. This power inverter truly takes the headache away from having to plug your devices into different outlets. Continue reading

  • Product Review - LBC50 12V 50AH Lithium Ion Battery

    Looking for a high class, Lithium Ion Battery? Look no further, because the LBC50 12V 50AH Lithium Ion Battery is all that you need. These batteries are built to replace outdated lead acid, gel and AGM batteries. It is a drop in replacement to lead acid and because of the integrated BMS, a quality charger made for AGM and/or your vehicle's charging system will charge these perfectly. You can easily connect in parallel, or in series. Zero maintenance is required and no catastrophic failures (sudden battery death) which means no worries. This battery is also 70% lighter than lead acid and perfect for a variety of applications such as automotive, marine, standby reserve power (UPS), solar, wind and more. Continue reading

  • Product Review - Zenaro LED bulb ZSU-A19

    Looking for a high quality, top of the line LED bulb? Tired of buying bulbs that die out quickly, or lose their luster after a short period of time? Zenaro has the perfect solution for you: the Zenaro LED ZSU-A19. The Zenaro ZSU-A19 LED lamp is energy star listed, offering an excellent dimming range, is mercury free, and UL listed for It's top performance and safety. Continue reading

  • Product Review - Samlex 150 Watt Solar Charging Kit

    Looking for a high rate, high quality battery charging kit for your RV or utility vehicle? Perhaps a campsite or special project? Have you considered a Samlex inverter or kit? Samlex 150 Watt Solar Charging Kit is one of the best of It's kind. Use the charging kit to ensure the batteries stay charged and healthy. No more worrying about running out of charge. Adding solar charging to your battery bank will help you offset your electrical loads and keep your battery bank charged during down times.

    Continue reading

  • Battery Sales Continue To Rise, Increasing Need For Sales People

    Batteries are the most convenient method of storing and transporting energy. For decades they have been used to power everything from flashlights to riding lawnmowers. While battery sales have increased a great deal in the last three decades, they once again stand poised to explode as manufacturers both small and large incorporate these new battery technologies into new products design. This In turn has created some of the best business opportunities available for people looking to have business startups under $1000. Here we will explore the exact reasons behind this trend and why any smart businessperson should become involved. Then we will introduce a new program from Stored Energy Products designed for startups, existing businesses and the high volume buyer. Continue reading

  • Pure Lead AGM Battery - The Best Car Battery

    The car battery is something that gets overlooked by so many people in terms of quality, until it fails of course. On the shelf, many car batteries look certainly look alike and many people believe that they deliver the same type of performance. An AGM battery is the perfect choice! However, there is one brand that has proven to stand above the rest in terms of delivering the performance people expect. Odyssey batteries are crafted to last longer and provide the power needed over conventional car batteries. Continue reading

  • Choosing The Right AGM Battery

    Do you want to purchase an AGM battery? The electronic world has changed.  And, behind the smallest laptop and the largest vessel is a battery that keeps it going.  Batteries are what make so many of the electronics we take for granted possible.  They are reliable, can be designed to be re-usable, and are even becoming more advanced as technologies continue to improve.  So where can you go for a wide selection of batteries and what kind of batteries will help you save money?  Lets take a look a place that has it all. Continue reading

  • US Battery Production

    Let's clear up what kind of batteries there are. There are lead acid batteries, lithium and lithium ion batteries, nickel cadmium batteries and nickel metal hydride batteries. Certainly there plenty other battery types but the above mentioned are very prevalent and the most common ones. Now what can we say about the manufacturing about these batteries? Is it better to produce them in the United States or to outsource the jobs? Continue reading

  • Ordering From Us

    Information on product availability, order tracking and commonly asked questions regarding how to order from our company and your order will be processed. Continue reading

  • Shipping Information

    General shipping information such as when backorders ship, shipping policy, rates etc. along with additional answers to commonly asked questions. Continue reading

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