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CTC Battery utilizes LiFePO4 technology. Lithium batteries provide a longer life span than traditional lead acid batteries. This is the reason so many consumers are moving to these types of batteries. Even though they tend to be a bit more expensive in the beginning, there is a load of benefits to choosing a lithium battery.

This manufacture has continuously grown in their offerings, while utilizing the cutting edge Li-ion cell technology. CTC maintains their own cell manufacturing plant here in the USA, which means you are getting a quality product that will last. Plus, they offer the most competitive pricing around. You can find a number of CTC batteries right here on the SEP website.

Lithium Battery Features and Benefits

► Extended battery life – lasts 5-10 times longer than traditional lead acid batteries
► Easy installation – can be installed in any orientation
► Fast charging – about 4~6 hours to be fully charged
► Light weight – half the weight compared to lead acid batteries
► Battery will operate and charge normally with existing charging system
► Safer than traditional batteries – no explosion and firing, free of leakage
► Low self-discharge
► Consistent discharge and charge performance.
► Outstanding thermal stability
► Wide temperature performance
► Short circuit protection
► Over charge and over discharge protection
► Environmentally safe – no poisonous lead, acid, heavy metals, no gasses during charge, factory sealed

As a certified distributor for CTC Battery, we carry the same commitment to customer service as they do to product excellence. For easy ordering please view the product pages below. For resellers and high volume buyers, we offer our PRO Account; a program offering Wholesale Pricing and a growing product line of batteries, accessories, LED lighting, solar, wind, custom power solutions and more.

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