Enersys Lead Acid Batteries


EnerSys is a U.S. owned global corporation with its headquarters located in Reading, PA, USA. Their extensive aerospace and defense product range supplies power for military aviation, general/commercial aviation, space, satellites, tactical vehicles, ships, submarines, soldier-portable, and smart weapons. EnerSys also manufactures and distributes reserve power and motive power batteries, battery chargers, power equipment, battery accessories and outdoor equipment enclosure solutions to customers worldwide. Enersys has been a trusted manufacturer of industrial battery systems for over a century. In late 2000 it acquired Yuasa Corporation in Japan their motive and reserve Power Company and expanded that into North and South America.

They are now the leader on the planet for industrial battery systems. They manufacture motive batteries and reserve-power batteries as well as power equipment and chargers; outdoor battery equipment and battery accessories. The ideal customer for Enersys are users of forklifts and heavy machinery for commercial use. Their ideal customer for reserve power battery systems are in the telecommunication and utility industries. Government contracts that use uninterruptible power supplies such as cable, transportation, aerospace and defense systems.

Today the product is sold under these select brands:

○ Power Safe                    ○ Data Safe                    ○ Hawker                    ○ Genesis                    ○ Odyssey                    ○ Cyclonindustrial battery systems

There are currently 9 applications they manufacture for and distribute to:

○ Aerospace
○ Defense
○ Forklifts/Material Handling
○ Industrial/Vehicle
○ Leisure and Recreation
○ Medical
○ Rail
○ Renewable Energy
○ Standby Power

This company manufactures batteries for space programs and supplies the Lithium-Ion battery for space missions. These are by ABSL which supplied the very first Lithium-Ion. They have a true passion for the space industry which is the fuel that drives their success in this industry. There are currently 3 different distinct designs made for the space program specifically.

Opportunity and Fast Charge

This is a unique charging system that saves thousands of dollars for forklift and heavy machinery companies that used to have to waste time, accommodation and manpower to change massively large batteries. They can now do it at the vehicle and in one place. Bottom line, it’s done when needed and on site.

motive power batteries

Some Unique Technologies used

The technologies used on their manufactured battery systems are:
○ Fuel Cells are one of the unique and green technologies out of the many they use. These fuel cells produced water as a byproduct and produce no pollution.
○ This is an actual alternative to batteries and generators in this case.
○ They are very modular and scalable
○ Has the ability be remotely monitored

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