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Established in March 2007, Beijing EpSolar Technology Company has been climbing the ladder quickly with their advance offerings. EpSolar specializes in power products, which includes researching, manufacturing and marketing. EP stands for Efficient Power which is what this company strives to provide all of their consumers. Stored Energy Products offer Ep Solar Charge Controllers and EpSolar Tracers. Among their charge controllers are their well known EpSolar MPPT, which is the highest quality solar controller on the market.

MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking. These controllers provide users with 94 to 98 percent efficiency, which is ideal when wanting to regulate the voltage or current that is coming from the solar panels and going to the batteries. This will keep the batteries from becoming overly charged, which in return will help prolong the battery's life span.

EPSolar Tracer Features and Benefits

EP Charge Controllers ► MPPT technology
► Peak conversion efficiency
►High Tracking efficiency
► Several seconds tracking speed
► 4-Stage charge with PWM output
► Nature convection cooling
► Full power output in ambient temperature up to 45 ℃
► Temperature compensation
► Sealed, Gel and Flooded battery option
► Widely used, automatically recognize day/night
► Diversified load control
► RJ45 interface &optional meter
► 2 years warranty
► CE certificate

As a certified distributor for EPSolar, we carry the same commitment to customer service as they do to product excellence. For easy ordering please view the product pages below. For resellers and high volume buyers, we offer our PRO Account; a program offering Wholesale Pricing and a growing product line of batteries, accessories, LED lighting, solar, wind, custom power solutions and more.

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Tracer 2215BN

EP Tracer 2215BN 20A MPPT Solar Charge Controller


MT-50 Remote Meter for BN Tracer Series

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