Exide Edge AGM Batteries


Exide has been in the battery business for 120 years with operations in more than 80 countries, has the products and services to meet the world's stored energy needs in transportation and industrial markets. Exide industries just celebrated 40 years of service at Fort Smith Arkansas. They also just won the quality award from Volvo Car Corporation. Exide has the experience, advanced research and development capabilities, and knowledge to provide solutions to various stored energy requirements. Including the new Exide Edge AGM Batteries with SureLife Graphite Technology.

Today they are the leader in the stored energy business for customers with global reach.The world of energy storage solutions is anything but evergreen. This company is at the cutting edge of energy storage systems and their vision is to continue daily to develop new innovations, advanced materials, systems and processes to exceed where they are right now. Their teams work tirelessly to ensure they meet and keep the high standard of quality and customer satisfaction.

The 3 Industries

Exide Golf Cart BatteryThere are three main industries that their systems serve: Transportation, GNB Motive Power and GNB Network Power.

◘ For transportation; the company offers starting and full-cycle batteries. The AGM batteries fit RV, lawn and garden, marine, commercial and heavy duty machinery; trucks and SUV’s. They also have the best Exide Golf Cart Battery.

◘ GNB Motive Power supplies cleaning machines; airport ground support; underground mining; automated guided vehicles; electric vehicles and railway locomotive starting.

◘ GNB Network Power serves applications such as telecommunications; security systems, computers, emergency lighting power; power plants; medical alternative energy; railway crossings.

Their company is so trusted that they supply services to the military for various forms of equipment used in mission critical environments. This is because this is an environment that needs to ensure uninterrupted power supplies.

Exide Car Batteries


The handling of lead acid batteries means there is a responsibility for top companies such as this to recycle properly in the safest way for the environment and the public. They make it a point to invest whatever they have to in recycling because it’s the right thing to do as an industry leader.

◘ They are one of the largest producers of secondary led globally.
◘ The have 10 recycling facilities in the world.
◘ They document and certify all recycling

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