Exide Edge AGM Batteries


 Transportation and Industrial Batteries

Exide has provided outstanding products for more then 120 years. Their business spans over 80 countries and they have a variety of product offerings which provide solutions in transportation and industrial markets. In fact, they were the winners of the Volvo Car Coporation quality award. Exide batteries speak for themselves, as they are designed with quality components and provide the end user with a long lasting power source. One of their most advanced offerings is the Exide Edge AGM Batteries with SureLife Graphite Technology.
Exide Golf Cart Battery

Application use includes:

► Transportation - RV, lawn and garden, marine, commercial and heavy duty machinery, golf carts, trucks and SUV’s.
► GNB Motive Power - cleaning machines, airport ground support, underground mining, automated guided vehicles, electric vehicles and railway locomotive starting.
► GNB Network Power – telecommunications, security systems, computers, emergency lighting power, power plants, medical alternative energy, railway crossings.

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