FIAMM is a company that was incorporated at Italy in 1942, founded by Giulio Dolcetta. I Italy it came at a time that the workers and industries were under threat of being sent to Germany. After the war they then concentrated on automobile batteries and the forklift industry. In the fifties the brand makes its appearance in the motor industry in some of the most popular cars. In the 60’s the economic boom strengthened the industry and the company. Electromagnetic horns were the next new product to be launched at that time. In the 70’s they expanded to motorcycles and in the the eighties they stepped into the two principal markets which were FIAMM Germany and FIAMM France. A new managing director was chosen in the 90’s and today the new expansion plan gets the company to explode in the US.
FIAMM HornsThe sustainability is substantial and innovative. FIAM launched SoNick energy storage that features nickel chloride storage solutions. They use off-grid micro grids that are powered off diesel. So from the manufacturing of the batteries and the disposal the environment is a serious factor to FIAMM. The manufacturing of FIAMM’s OLED design saves energy for the automotive applications due to their ultra-thin design for interior and rear lighting. Their Mobility power solutions considerably reduces emissions this is done with AGM- AFB they are designed to support start-stop systems.

FIAMM Ecoforce AGM
Global Reach
The global reach of the company is impressive, as of today they have widened their horizons to over 60 countries worldwide with 70% of its profits coming from their overseas market. There are 14 production establishments in Italy, Switzerland, USA, France, Czech Republic, China and Brazil with over 3000 people working in these units. Automotive components are responsible for 63% of their new profits; acoustic signals and starter batteries as well as antennaea’s. Industrial batteries consist of 33% and the smallest 4% is from other varied activities.

A press release in June 2015 cited that profits were high in 2014 and are set to not only stay that way but strengthen in the coming year. There is and will continue to be positive trend in the industry with starter batteries today. The recently launched FIAMM starting batteries with AFB technology are gathering a lot of interest with battery users, to view their range of batteries, Click Here.

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