Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

flooded lead acidFlooded Lead Acid Batteries

Flooded Lead acid batteries are known to be one of the first rechargeable battery options on the market. This type of battery is still very common, even though technology has advanced. These batteries have a low energy to weight and energy to volume ratio, which makes them better for stationary applications, including renewable energy systems and start engines. It is determined that this type of battery will always have a place in the market, as it efficiently supplies power for off grid needs.  

There are two different types of lead acid batteries on the market, which includes Sealed and Flooded. The term “Flooded” is also referred to as “Wet Cell”. Flooded batteries are very popular, and comes in a number of shapes and sizes. They are utilized in many industries and applications. A wet cell battery will permit fluid in the form of hydrogen and oxygen gas to leak out while charging. These types of wet cell batteries can become overly charge, but run a lesser chance of being damaged than a sealed lead acid battery.

flooded lead acidFlooded lead acid technology allows the battery to handle excessive charging from time to time, as this helps balance out battery cells that are not working efficiently. This allows them to be brought back to a full state of charge on an ongoing basis. Lead Acid batteries have grids and electrodes that are made of lead. However, each manufacture will include their own formulations to help optimize the battery’s performance.

Unlike other types of batteries, these require maintenance. They will need water to be added to them on a routine basis, because they lose electrolytes through the vents. Lead plates are known to deteriorate if they are touched by another surface. If lead acid batteries are not properly maintained, they will corrode and die. However, flooded batteries have the longest life, as well as the least cost per amp-hour. To properly maintain a flooded lead acid battery, you need to replenish electrolytes by adding water, balance out cells by charging, and clean the top and terminals to deter corrosion. 

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