FMP Automotive Products


FMP Factory Motor Parts was founded in 1945 when it was Elliott Auto Supply Co. It was a humble small business in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Now, the company has exploded into 110 locations in 19 states. They took a leap from 3 locations to 32 locations. The key to their incredible success according to the company is the reputation for full availability and unprecedented service. The company believes that the customer is the key focal point of the business and this is what has pushed them into their professional service centers.

Who They Serve

FMP is proud to be a full-service company to wholesale customers; fleets; dealerships; professional service centers. Clients can take their business to a new level with their full service automotive products and a variety of resources. It is one of the premier suppliers of automotive parts all over the country.They also offer a full line of quality automotive, marine, golf cart, lawn and garden, commercial, power-sport and alkaline batteries.

Dealerships are set to gain from partnering with FMP with a promise of fast and efficient service and quality parts.

For fleets, it matters not if the fleet is local or regional. They will make sure the vehicles are running smoothly and the company will provide the training and resources needed to make sure the fleet runs smoothly. Wholesale customers have an automatic advantage with original equipment, aftermarket prices and an efficient online ordering systems they provide the tools for success.

Products and Website

The website is user-friendly and has a very clear brand lookup tool. Just go to the product tab and you’ll be brought to an automobile diagram with labels pointing to parts that you can read and see. This means you won’t mistake a part and you’re able to look up information on any part under any brand you need. This makes the process quite seamless. There are icons on top of the page that allows you to print a product-line card as well. They have taken all care to ensure that you do not get confused and are able to find the product you are looking for in a simple and easy manner.

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