Motorcraft Batteries


If you’re looking for the best fit and function for a replacement battery for a Ford vehicle then look no further than Motorcraft™. The batteries are top-flight and manufactured with the most up-to-date technologies available today. If you’re thinking Ford tough you’re also thinking Motorcraft ™.

Applications Motorcraft Batteries are used for:

Motorcraft® Car BatteriesThe Motorcraft ™ brand battery is not only the most durable and efficient it’s the most versatile. The battery applications are marine, commercial, farm and industrial as well as dozens of specialty applications. If you can’t find it on the site, contact them and let them know that you’re looking for. The company is very resourceful and easy to communicate with. The designs they offer are Tested Tough; Tested Tough Max; Dual Terminal; Fleet Tough and Fleet Tough Extra.

Batteries and Specialty Battery Guarantees

♦ The company offers a standard limited warranty coverage up to 24-months for unlimited mileage.
♦ The Free replacement period runs 30-12 months
♦ They are guaranteed to possess the widest variety of electrical charge to get a large span of engines started.
♦ Guaranteed made for applications ranging from road graders; grain harvesters to golf carts; lawn mowers and sump pumps

Motorcraft® Batteries Design

More about the Motorcraft Brand

Ford doesn’t choose just any brand to carry their parts and that includes the life of your vehicle—the battery. The Motorcraft ™ battery is more than just a standard battery. The brand specifics that are delivered are:

♦ Negative Paste Formulation which ensures the battery is resistant to flaking
♦ Polypropylene cover and container which provides impact resistance and is heat-sealed to prevent spills and leaks.
♦ Positive Grid framed for short distance and conductivity optimized.
♦ Microcompressor controlled welding intercell weld helps ensure long battery life
♦ Enhanced Life Alloy increases cycle life and reduces water consumption as well as performance
♦ Envelope Separators protect plates as well as reduces shorting out.

The Motorcraft ™ name has stood the test of time. It’s a brand that has been trusted by Ford and is highly recommended by Ford on the site.

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