General Use

General Use Batteries: Efficient & Long-Lasting

General Use Batteries: Duracell 9V

Living in a high-tech and gadget filled world, batteries are in constant need and demand. From digital cameras to mp3 players, remotes to flashlights, our favorite and most utilized devices are battery powered. At Stored Energy Products, we offer these everyday batteries from the trusted brands, Energizer and Duracell, to keep your gadgets going strong.

Types of Everyday Batteries


Used in a wide variety of household devices, they have a long shelf life and good resistance to leakage and corrosion.


These batteries are used in a large variety of items, including portable devices, watches, and medical equipment. They have a high power capacity, are long lasting, and are able to withstand high temperatures.


This is a type of rechargeable battery best suited for frequently used, high-drain devices. Ni-Mh batteries can be charged hundreds of times, making them long lasting and cost effective. Everyday batteries come in a number of sizes: AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V batteries. Stored Energy Products can help keep your favorite gadgets fully powered with our large inventory of general use batteries. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction with fast shipping, low prices, and strategic locations.

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