GS Battery


GS Battery is a subsidiary of the Japanese company, Yuasa. The US based end of the company recently began its journey into photovoltaic storage and renewable energy markets. The headquarters is located in Roswell, Georgia. The headquarters has the first commercial solar installation with batteries. This company is passionate about what they do. They have a customer focus which is why they have the reputation they maintain. That same passion is what has the company constantly making changes to suite customer needs. They have customers globally and each culture has their own special way of dealing with this industry. There is no other one in existence in Georgia.
This Company Serves:
GS Automobile Battery ◙ Power Sports
◙ Telecommunications
◙ Emergency Light Market.

Maintaining a Green Attitude
As the technical aspect of this field increases so does the way the company must change in attitude toward the disposal and recycling of their batteries and waste equipment. Which is something they are only too happy to do. They are pushed on by the passion for making a green footprint on the planet and delivering a great product at the same time. The slogan says it all “Next to You” And that, according to the company is where they want to be. Attached at the hip of the people they serve and the planet they love. They want to be known for turning the customer's’ dream into a reality.

What They Supply
The GS Yuasa Corporation manufactures and supplies:

◙ Batteries
◙ Power Supply Systems
◙ Lighting
◙ Specialty electrical equipment

It takes a well-established, flexible and efficient company to be able to deal with constant requests and brainstorming ways to make improvements to their R&D manufacturing and distribution systems.

Products and Services

GS Hybrid Batteries The main products the company is involved with is:

◙ Valve regulated Lead-Acid Batteries. VRLA
◙ Motorcycle Batteries
◙ Lithium Ion Batteries
◙ Power Supplies
◙ Lighting Equipment

In the motorcycle arena, they carry rechargeable motorcycle batteries which are also used for jet skis; all-terrain vehicles and much more. GS Battery is the go-to company for the proper equipment and the indelible green footprint.

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