Haze Telecom & UPS Batteries


     Gel and AGM Batteries

UL94 V0 FR
Front Access
UL94 V0 FR
Equiv to Hawker
Sealed Lead Acid
Gelled Electrolyte
TEL25 TEL40F TEL15T HZS12-5 HZY12-33
TEL30 TEL60F TEL40T HZS12-8 HZY12-55
TEL45 TEL100F HZS12-9 HZS12-100
TEL70 TEL105F HZS12-12 HZY12-110
TEL80X TEL145F HZS12-18 HZY12-230
TEL90 TEL150F HZB12-26
TEL125 TEL200F HZB12-35

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Haze Battery Company provides Telecome and UPS batteries. These types of batteries play an important role when power goes out, or there is no access to grid tie power. This manufacture is an industry leading energy producer, as they offer a wide range of products to choose from. This ensures that all customer needs are efficiently taken care of.

Haze Battery Benefits

UPS batteries ► 12-year design life
► Low self-discharge
► Manufactured to the highest standards
► All active material is very high purity lead (99.9999%).
► Cases are flame retardant ABS with EPDM rubber venting valves.
► The electrolyte is analytical grade.
► All terminals are epoxy sealed by extended mechanical paths.
► Standard insert M5, M6 or M8 threads.
► All models comply with Telcordia SR 4228, IEC896-2, DIN 43534, BS 6290 Pt4, and Eurobat.

As a certified distributor for Haze Battery Company, we carry the same commitment to customer service as they do to product excellence. For easy ordering please view the product pages below. For resellers and high volume buyers, we offer our PRO Account; a program offering Wholesale Pricing and a growing product line of batteries, accessories, LED lighting, solar, wind, custom power solutions and more.

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  1. Haze UPS & Telecom Batteries HZB12-44

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    The Haze HZB - AGM range covers Ah capacities from 18Ah to 230Ah (C10) with dimensions suitable for racking systems for maximum space utilisation.Specially designed racks and cabinets are available with cables and connectors to suit. AGM is especially suited for premium sites with low to medium outage rates and climate controlled environments, for more extreme temperature variations and increased cyclic demands please consult the Haze HZY - GEL range. Haze facilities are fully accredited to ISO 14001 and the management system fully accredited to ISO 9001. Innovative Features • Designed to meet the needs of UPS and many other diverse • applications where DC power is required on demand. • Completely maintenance free, sealed construction eliminates the need for watering. • Increased durability and deep cycle ability for heavy demand applications. • Special formation process. • Analytical Grade electrolyte. • Spill proof / leak proof. • Valve regulated Max internal pressure 2.5 psi. • Multi-position usage. • ABS Case and cover - V0 on request. • Low self discharge. • FAA and IATA approved as non-hazardous. • Built to comply with IEC 896-2, DIN 43534, BS 6290 Pt4, Eurobat. Specifications • Nominal Voltage - 12 Volts • Design Life - 12 Years • Operating Temperature - 20 C to 50 C • Grid alloy - Calcium / Tin lead alloy • Plates - Flat Pasted • Separator AGM - Absorbent Glass Mat • Active material - Very high purity lead • Case and cover - ABS (VO on request) • Charge Voltage - Float 2.27 - 2.30 VPC @20 C Cycling 2.4 @20 C Max. 2.45 VPC. Max ripple 0.05C (A) • Electrolyte - Sulphuric acid Analytical grade purity • Venting Valve - EPDM Rubber 1.5 to 2 psi (10.5 - 14 KPa) release pressure. Resealing at 1 psi (7 KPa) • Terminal - Epoxy sealed by extended mechanical paths • Torque setting - The recommended torque value is 5-7 Nm • Connectors - Supplied as standard (4 hr rate) Learn More

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