Grid Tie Inverters

Grid Tie Inverters

Efficiently setting up a grid tie system can really have a lot of benefits. One of the most important aspects of your system is ensuring you have a high quality grid tie inverter. An inverters job is to regulate the voltage and currents that are created by the panels. In order to utilize the power created by the sun’s rays, it will need to be converted from DC to AC power. Once you have AC power you will be able to generate energy for all major electronics. In addition, these inverters will synchronize the phase and frequency of the current to fit the utility grid. The output voltage is then adjusted to a slightly higher voltage than grid tie. This allows for excess lectricity to flow outwards to the grid.

48 volt inverters

Advantages of a Grid Tie Solar System

► Less expensive than an off grid system, because a battery bank is not required.
► Have the ability to sell excess energy back to your power company.
► Easily decrease monthly utility bills.
► Able to expand your solar system at your own pace, because you do not completely depend on it for all of your power needs.
► Potential to receive tax credits.

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