Johnson Controls manufactures are the industry leader for lead acid batteries, start-stop hybrid and electric vehicles.They are also the world leader in automotive seat foam, struts and metal frames for seating as well as covering material.The battery solutions are only the tip of the iceberg. This company is also involved in HVAC equipment and systems for climate control. Also, building efficiency investment. The company focuses on the overall climate control of a structure ensuring that those systems are the correct and most viable for that structure.

The products and applications that Johnson Controls manufactures are:

Johnson Controls Lithium Ion Battery ♦ Automotive Seating
♦ Automotive Batteries
♦ Lithium Ion Batteries
♦ Battery Recycling

You can count on quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness with Johnson Controls.

Their Community Outreach

Johnson Controls has a global outreach and therefor a sense of responsibility to the people and communities around them. They provide employment where needed in a diverse environment. They support social services in towns that they touch. The benefits of working for or being involved with Johnson Controls are many. Their attitude toward diversity, community and the planet is progressive.

Johnson Controls Hybrid Batteries

Their Green Footprint And Volunteerism

One of the most important goals for the company is to lead groups like the CLC Conservation Leadership Corps. This is a group geared toward stewardship of the planet and volunteering for the future of the community. The program is active in Mexico; several US states; Chile; the Czech Republic; Slovakia and China.

Sustainability runs deep and spans across the globe for Johnson Controls. The sustainability for their customers means that everything they manufacture, from car seats to batteries have green features built into the core to guarantee the customer is fully energy efficient. What they do for the community where they house their plants and what they do for the world at large is certainly no less. The green footprint is value that every smart company looks for; Johnson Controls is the smart company that knows how to provide the major points that are sought after by customers today as well.

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