Golf Cart

Golf Cart Solar Kits

Nothing is worse than your golf cart running out of power right when you're in the middle of playing a game. We have your solution. It is now possible to charge your cart batteries as you are enjoying a day out on the golf course. Our golf cart solar kits are designed to charge up your batteries while you drive around the course. This will allow you to enjoy golf for hours, without the worry of your cart batteries running low. Our panels can be attached to the roof of your cart, and will not detract from its appearance.

Golf Solar Kits

Golf Cart Solar Kit Features

► Easy installation
► Panel attaches to the golf carts roof
► Will keep your batteries charged while you enjoy a carefree game of golf.
► Decrease the need to use an electric charger.
► Extends the life of your carts batteries.

Contact us today to find out more about our golf cart solar kits. If you have a system in mind, but need help designing it, we have solar specialists on hand that can help you complete any project.

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