Innovative Power Solutions

With more than 50 years experience in designing and manufacturing top of the line electronics, LG is conquering the solar market. They are a company known for their innovative technology, which has enriched all of our lives at one time or another. Not only are they providing consumers with revolutionary electronics, they are also discovering better ways to supply them with power. LG has designed a number of solar modules, which will supply the end user with long lasting power that is both reliable and efficient.

This solar manufacture caters to all consumers. Rather, you are highly familiar with solar or are just starting out, they have products that will suit all of your energy needs. Maximizing your solar output can easily be accomplished with the LG panels. Plus, they have a robust warranty program, which ensures you are getting longevity when investing in their products.

One of their most well known panels is the LG Mono X Plus. This panel is very robust in its offerings, and LG is changing the way solar power is utilized. With ultra stable physical durability, these are the panels you want on your side in extreme weather conditions. They have a pressure load of 100 lbs, which happens to be equal to a pile of snow higher than 1.8 meters (weighing 1920 lbs.)

LG Mono X Plus Features:

► Very durable
► Enhanced frame design
► Enhanced water drainage design
► Durable anodized aluminium frame
► The low risk of physical damage due to design structure
► Contains LG’s patented Lily Technology, which improvement of lifetime yield.
► A high-quality, shallow emitter structure increases the electron generation area
► With LG’s technology electrodes are stacked vertically enabling the most narrow cell finger width.
► Reliability testing at the development stage 4 times as strict as International Standards
► High Performance
► Low Power Drop Ratio

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