Morningstar Corp.


   Charge Controllers and Inverters






SG-4 SS-MPPT-15L TS-MPPT-45 SS-10L-24V TS-MPPT-60A-600V-48
SS-6-12V PS-MPPT-25 TS-MPPT-60 SL-10L-24V TS-MPPT-60A-600V-48-DB
SK-6 PS-MPPT-25M TS-45 SS-20L-24V TS-MPPT-48-DB-TR
SS-10-12V PS-MPPT-40M PS -15
SS-10L-12V PS-30
SK-12 PS-15M
SSD-25 PS-30M

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Morningstar Solar Corporation is well known in the solar industry. As a top supplier and manufacture of solar products, they service 112 countries all around the world. They specialize in charge controllers and inverters, which help the panels efficiently collect and use the suns rays to power a variety of applications. This manufacture provides cutting edge technology, which allows their products to perform at optimal levels. Giving consumers the reliability and quality that they want when investing in a solar system is a top priority for Morningstar.

Their professional series is designed to care for a number of applications, including residential, rural electrification, boating and caravan applications. Morningstar controllers and inverters are built with longevity in mind, and are very cost efficient. They supply consumers with MPPT and PWM charge controllers, which have a number of benefits and features. Both types are very efficient in the way the monitor and supply power to your applications.

Professional Series Includes:

► TriStar MPPT 600V - 97.9% peak efficiency.
► TriStar MPPT - Extensive Networking and Communication Capabilities
morningstar solar ► ProStar MPPT - Up to 256 days of data logging
► SunSaver MPPT - Fully adjustable and programmable
► TriStar PWM - Low Telecom Noise
► ProStar PWM - 15A & 30A versions for 12V or 24V batteries
► SunSaver PWM - 100% solid state
► SunSaver Duo PWM - Two battery charging
► SunKeeper PWM - Extensive Electronic Protections
► SunLight PWM - Microcontroller digital accuracy
► SunGuard PWM - Rated for 25% overloads
► SureSine PWM - Handles up to 200% surge

As a certified distributor for Morningstar Corporation, we carry the same commitment to customer service as they do to product excellence. For easy ordering please view the product pages below. For resellers and high volume buyers, we offer our pro account; a program offering wholesale pricing and a growing product line of batteries, accessories, led lighting, solar, wind, custom power solutions and more.

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