OutBack Power


       Charge Controllers

OutBack Power is highly known in the solar world for their high functioning charge controllers. These controllers are put in place to optimize solar ray output. This can fluctuate according to shading and temperature, as well as the way your solar panels are mounted.

OutBack charge controllers OutBack’s Maximum Power Point Tracing charger controller, also known as MPPT, is an industry leading product that comes highly recommended by solar experts. This controller gives customers the reliability and durability that is needed in a charge controller. It is now possible to maximize solar system potential, as well as increase renewable energy yield up to 30 percent.

Their FLEXmax line of controllers is among the most recognized in todays solar market. These controllers support a wide range of system designs, battery chemistries and is able to seamlessly integrate data management systems and programming.

OutBack Charge Controller Fatures

► Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
► Active cooling and intelligent thermal management cooling
► Ambient temperatures as high as 104°F (40°C)
► Built-in, backlit 80 character display
► Integrated OutBack network communications

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