POWERSYNC Energy Solutions


Powersync LiFePO4 Energy Solutions specializes in deep cycle battery manufacturing. This American based company offers a large product line designed for a variety of applications, including OEM products, electric vehicle equipment, UPS power backup systems, and renewable energy.

Powersync offers quality conventional and customized battery solutions, as well as dedicated to growing with technology, and constructing products that fit the needs of all industries. Current technologies include Valve Regulated Lead Acid “VRLA”, GEL, AGM, Lithium Iron Phosphate “LiFePO4”, and Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide “NMC” batteries.

Powersync Energy Solutions are created to enhance your stored energy capacity, as well as increase your ROI. Solar made easy, enjoy complete renewable energy kitting.


Powersync Energy Solutions Products:

► VRLA / Advanced Tubular GEL Batteries
► Lithium Energy Storage Systems
► Rigid Solar Panels
► Flexible Solar Panels
► MPPT Solar Charge Controllers
► PWM Charge Converter

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