Standard Rigid Panels

Standard Rigid Panels

Solar panels come in all shapes and sizes and can literally be used to power any type of application. When designing your system, you will want to choose a solar panel based on your needs. Rigid solar panels are a great option for a number of applications. They have an aluminum frame, which surrounds the tempered glass and covers the solar cells. There are various ways you can mount these panels to suit your needs. Plus, they can be utilized in on and off grid solar systems.

Standard Rigid Panels

Advantages of Solar Power

► Quick return on your investment
► Increase the value of your home
► Tax credit incentives
► Lessening Pollution
► Be less dependent on grid tie power
► Easy to maintain
► Many systems are portable
► Allows you to go completely off grid

You will find a variety of products on our website. If you have a solar project in mind, but are not sure where to start, our solar specialist would be happy to help you. They can suggest products, as well as design a system that will cater towards your specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our solar products.

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