TecMate Battery Chargers


Techmate is the leading developer and manufacturer of battery chargers for both the consumer and the professional. TecMate has been developing and manufacturing professional battery charging, battery testing and engine troubleshooting and tuning tools since 1989, aimed at the power sport, marine, automotive, light aircraft and industrial equipment industries. They also manufacture battery testers and devices to aide in engine troubleshooting as well as assorted tuning tools. In addition, they have LED, Cable and USB accessories and equipment.
They are well stocked for industry and consumer business. The site is simple, user-friendly OptiMate battery chargers and comprehensive. A simple click on the product bar makes for easy ordering and information about each product that is in-depth enough to allow you to make an educated choice. The other attractive thing is you can browse off-line by downloading a product catalogue.

Belgium Developed Company

In 1994 Tecmate was developed in Belgium. The company deals with power sport, marine, light aircraft, automotive and more. They are responsible for developing the OptiMate battery chargers and TecMate SynchroMate. This came about one year late in 1995. The purpose this was developed was to revive batteries that have stopped performing completely through none- other but neglect. This method is geared towards STD, AGM and GEL batteries. The company’s reach is global. And they are backed by 11 top companies you can find on the site from Honda to Drag Specialties. They sell to wholesale distributors who sell to dealers and internet retail.

TecMate SynchroMate

What’s in the News for 2015

On the site there is a world of news about Tecmate. For instance this year you’ll find out how Tecmate made solar power more efficient. This is something of note and something you don’t hear of often if at all because needless to say it’s a challenge. They have also come out with new and innovative battery technologies for motor bikes. This company is always innovating toward something new and the site is always growing with the business!

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