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Like any vehicle, a golf cart needs reliable batteries to function on and off the golf course. With proper maintenance and care, it will achieve peak performance and prolong its battery life. The key to preserving your batteries is to be proactive. Of course, the frequency of scheduled maintenance checks will depend on how often you use your golf cart.

How to Care for Your Battery

  • Check your power source regularly for leaks
  • Maintain the water level using distilled water (note: do not underwater or over-water the battery)
  • Keep the battery and its terminals clean

Charge your batteries at least once every 30 days to maintain performance

Golf cart batteries require special care such as routine water level inspection. Checking the water levels monthly will ensure that there is a healthy water to battery acid ratio. Refer to your manufacturer's manual for further precise watering and protective measures for optimum battery performance.

How the Battery Operates

Golf carts are usually operated by six lead-acid batteries with the following features:

  • Typically has a 6 or 8-volt capacity
  • Total voltage determined by the sum of the individual batteries

In effect, a golf cart with a voltage of 36 is powered by six individual 6-volt batteries. Modern golf cart battery chargers are engineered so that the electric current does not overcharge the battery.

Each battery needs to be fully charged, otherwise the golf cart will not function. A golf cart charger has to match the voltage of its battery pack. Therefore, a 36 volt battery pack would need a 36 volt charger. If one battery is not fully charged, it will reduce the overall performance of the battery pack. Accordingly, batteries must be recharged after every use.

For More Information

Stored Energy products has the right battery to power your golf cart, so you'll be on the green in no time. Shop through our selection by manufacturer, wattage, voltage, chemistry, capacity, cranking amps or size. For high volume buyers and resellers, we offer a PRO Account - our wholesale program with exclusive offers.

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