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Larger vehicles like motor coaches, semi-trucks and buses need a high quality performance battery equipped to sustain long journeys, frequent stops and slowing down. Whether it's a semi-truck making deliveries or a transit bus that's transporting commuters, Stored Energy Products offers a suitable power solution for every need.

The three main types of heavy duty batteries needed to power commercial vehicles include:


Commercial Vehicle Batteries for Buses & More

All three types are considered deep cycle batteries, which are intended to be used up to the maximum capacity. Deep cycle batteries can withstand many charge cycles and are perfect for use during extended periods of time.  It is important to note that starter batteries provide a surge of power needed to start an engine whereas deep cycle batteries provide continuous power.

Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, or Flooded Lead-Acid, are cost-efficient power solutions that need to remain wet. Electrolyte fluid floods the top of the battery plates. Based on the discharge rate for each cycle, they have a lifespan of 200-300 cycles. This low lifespan is largely due to internal grid corrosion and loss of the active material.

Sealed lead-acid batteries, also known as valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA), include gel and absorbed glass mat varieties. These types are "maintenance-free"  and do not need extra care, such as adding water or cleaning. Gel and AGM are ideal for their high performance, no gas emission and longer charge life.

Gel batteries use a silica-type gel, which suspends the electrolytes. Absorbed glass mat batteries suspend the electrolytes through glass mats, which enable faster charging. While gel and AGM share many similar features, AGM has a higher burst of amps. On the other hand, gel batteries have a slower discharge rate.

Stored Energy Products can assist you in finding the ideal power solution for your heavy duty vehicle, whether you need a motor coach, semi-truck, or bus battery. Shop through our wide selection of batteries and accessories, and check out some of our special offers for additional savings.