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  • Battery History Timeline

    Battery History

    Have you ever considered the amount of history that is behind a battery? This invention helped paved the road to technology, as it's responsible for powering all of our devices. Without batteries, it would be impossible to have the power that is needed to run a car, your cell phone, and all other applications. This is a technology that is often taken for granted, but maybe you would like to know the background of this fascinating source of power. Continue reading

  • Advantages of the Lithium Titanate Battery

    Although advancements in technology have covered a wide array of fields, particularly electronic devices over the past two decades, batteries have seemingly lagged behind. The traditional lithium-ion battery has its limitations, especially when it comes to recharging and producing higher amounts of power when needed. Continue reading

  • Battery Sales Continue To Rise, Increasing Need For Sales People

    Batteries are the most convenient method of storing and transporting energy. For decades they have been used to power everything from flashlights to riding lawnmowers. While battery sales have increased a great deal in the last three decades, they once again stand poised to explode as manufacturers both small and large incorporate these new battery technologies into new products design. This In turn has created some of the best business opportunities available for people looking to have business startups under $1000. Here we will explore the exact reasons behind this trend and why any smart businessperson should become involved. Then we will introduce a new program from Stored Energy Products designed for startups, existing businesses and the high volume buyer. Continue reading

  • US Battery Production

    Let's clear up what kind of batteries there are. There are lead acid batteries, lithium and lithium ion batteries, nickel cadmium batteries and nickel metal hydride batteries. Certainly there plenty other battery types but the above mentioned are very prevalent and the most common ones. Now what can we say about the manufacturing about these batteries? Is it better to produce them in the United States or to outsource the jobs? Continue reading

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