How to Select the Ideal Solar Battery for Your Building?

The solar energy industry has witnessed significant evolution and growth, thanks to improvements in solar battery technology. As a result, people who want to invest in renewable energy are being pushed for high-quality solar batteries.

The demand for green energy has accelerated the improvements we’re witnessing in battery technology. Every few years, a mind-blowing development takes place. There has been a growing public acceptance and adoption of solar energy technologies and beneficial government incentives. As a result, solar batteries have become more affordable.

This article will discuss how you can select the most suitable solar battery for yourself.

How Improvements in Solar Energy Technologies Benefit Late Adopters?

The improvement in solar energy technologies is incredibly beneficial to late adopters of solar energy. Why? Because solar batteries are expensive for the average individual. As a result, firms and individuals who use solar energy don’t often rush to upgrade their solar batteries as soon as a new one hits the market.

This means that newer batteries will be available for late adopters. Due to the speed at which solar battery technology is improving, newer batteries are meeting the older versions on the store shelves.

What Not to Go For?

If there’s a type of solar battery you should avoid in the market, it’s the one-size-fits-all battery. Many novices go for this option because they don’t know what they need in specifications and capabilities. Why not this battery? Because:

  • This battery technology is hardly emphasized. The majority of these types of batteries utilize lead-acid technology for energy storage. Unfortunately, lead-acid technology is far from the best in the battery market.
  • Despite their bulkiness, they cannot store sufficient power. Not worth the expense!
  • They are either undersized or oversized. The undersized ones are lacking in power output demand. On the other hand, the oversized ones are often not fully charged (particularly during the winter season).

Specifications to Look For When Choosing a Suitable Solar Battery

Certain specs should top your list when in the market for a solar battery. Some of the major ones include:

1. Battery Capacity

Batteries’ ratings are indicated in amps or amp-hours. This means the total developed battery capacity. This further means that it will take several charges (ranging from tens to hundreds of charge cycles) for the battery to attain the full capacity indicated by the manufacturer. A battery of 100 amps can give an output of 10 amps of electricity for 10 hours. You should calculate your maximum power requirement to know the battery capacity you need.

2. Life Cycle/Discharge Cycle

Check out the duration of the batteries before you decide which one to buy. The type of battery technology is key to the duration of a battery. Other factors include:

  • Cyclic life
  • Depth of discharge
  • Operating temperature

3. Battery Brand and Warranty

The solar battery industry has become more competitive as every brand is out to design the perfect solar battery. Their methods differ, which results in different products. However, certain brands shouldn’t be overlooked in the market as they’ve been associated with high-quality solar batteries for a long time. Also, look out for the warranty period: the longer, the better.

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