Battery Sales Continue To Rise, Increasing Need For Sales People

Batteries are the most convenient method of storing and transporting energy. For decades they have been used to power everything from flashlights to riding lawnmowers. While battery sales have increased a great deal in the last three decades, they once again stand poised to explode as manufacturers both small and large incorporate these new battery technologies into new products design. This In turn has created some of the best business opportunities available for people looking to have business startups under $1000. Here we will explore the exact reasons behind this trend and why any smart businessperson should become involved. Then we will introduce a new program from Stored Energy Products designed for startups, existing businesses and the high volume buyer.

Sales And Consumption

One of the reasons that a battery business is quickly becoming one of the best business opportunities is that the sales and consumption of batteries has been skyrocketing over the last year. From a website that tracks the sales of batteries since 2000, it has been shown that sales within the battery industry have tripled between the year 2000 and 2012. Specifically, lithium ion batteries and traction batteries have absolutely skyrocketed over the last decade, and have found new methods of being implemented.

What Has Caused This Surge In Sales?

There are many factors that have played into this recent uptick in battery sales. One of the first reasons is that innovation in the realm of home tools and devices has established the need for more batteries. Lithium Ion batteries caused the initial rise in battery sales, as companies began to use them in everything from drills to electrical vehicles. The reason that they are one of the best business opportunities is that individuals are continually finding new uses for these batteries. Another reason that battery sales have experienced such a large increase in sales is that car manufacturing has continued to rise. With every new car built, there is the purchase of the initial battery, and then two more on average throughout the car’s lifespan. With a constant cycle of batteries being needed for cars and then retired over time, this represents business opportunities for people who are savvy in sales.

New Markets And Technology

While the old needs for batteries have been driving the market, the new implementations for batteries have created opportunities for business startups under $1000. One of the new technologies for the battery market is hybrid and electric cars. This has become a popular form of transportation over the last five years and is looking to rapidly expand as more people are dissatisfied with the price and environmental impact of fossil fuels. Hybrid and electric cars are a burgeoning market that is widely seen as the next step for consumers, especially considering the desire of federal governments around the world to cut back on oil consumption. This not only creates the need for more batteries, but also the need for specialty and rechargeable batteries, which prompts a great amount of diversity in the battery market. Another one of the reasons that batteries are one of the best business opportunities for renewable energy is that they are used for solar power. After all, there needs to be some way to store the energy so that it can be utilized in the right conditions. These batteries thrive on the principles of clean energy and offer individuals interested in protecting the environment a way to sell a product that is considerable and useful. Just like hybrid vehicles, solar energy is currently experiencing a boom in sales due to its increasingly inexpensive installation and utilization. For all of these reasons and more, modern battery sales are one of the greatest business opportunities as well as business startups for under $1000.

Business Success In A Booming Market

One of the most frequently mentioned concerns that people have when seeking business opportunities is that they will get into the market and it will fall apart. It is important to keep in mind that batteries are not something that will go away any time soon because they are the cutting edge of technology. Numerous businesses have been launched and experienced incredible success with in the battery market because it is diverse, growing, and is the key to using clean technology. Batteries and Bulbs, a famous name in retail sales, started out as nothing more than a start-up project and has grown to provide hundreds of thousands of people with knowledge and products. They have experienced the surges in battery sales and the infusion of new technology, and used these business opportunities to climb towards the top of the market. If you want to look at business startups for under $1000, then there is no better place to start than with batteries.

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