Deka AGM Battery

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Deka AGM Battery ETX30L

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<i>Ships within 1-2 business days. For International shipping costs please contact us.</i><p><h3>Availability: In Stock</h3><p>
The ETX30L is a 12 volt 400CCA/26 Ah AGM rechargeable deep cycle battery that replaces the YIX30L, YB30L-B and YB30CL-B. AGM technology is extremely resistant to vibrations and has no fluid to leak out. This battery can be mounted on its side or even upside down. If you are tired of changing your battery every season then this is the perfect battery for your motorcycle, ATV, personal water craft or snowmobile! We recommend keeping a full charge on this battery at all times especially during the colder months.

- Sealed dry cell design has no acid to leak
- Maintenance-free long service life
- Vibration resistant design perfect for on and off the road
- Fully charged ready to go out of the box
- Low self discharge rate making for better storage
- Made in the USA!
- Bolts are included
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Part Number ETX30L
Voltage 12
Capacity 26 Ah
CCA 400
Chemistry AGM
Length 6.63 in.
Width 5.19 in.
Height 6.88 in.
Weight 21.7 lbs.
Warranty 6 Month Free Replacement
Replaces: 66010-97A, 66010-97B, 4010630, 4011224, UBVT-2
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Brand Deka

The Deka Sports Power ® AGM Battery was designed for more than performance, it was designed for the enthusiast. Completely spillproof and season-to-season reliability means frequent replacement and high maintenance areover! The absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology increases power while improving rider and environmental safety. The key to this technology is the highly porous microfiber separators which completely absorb and trap the electrolyte. Molded top and side connection terminals provide versatility, increased strength and durability.

The Deka Sports Power ® AGM Battery provides the most advanced power and value in the industry, so your customers can enjoy their leisure time, worry free.

- Factory Sealed, Factory Activated, Premium Maintenance-Free Design eliminates damage from acid spills and corrosion. Electrically charged for maximum performance
- Heat Sealed Cover eliminates electrolyte leakage and improves reliability
- Molded Top And Side Connection Terminal patented design provides ease of installation, increased strength and durability
- Fortified Posts, Straps And Welds improves vibration resistance for long life and performance
- Stainless Steel Terminal Bolts eliminate rust and corrosion.
- Unique, Leakproof Pressurized Valve System is engineered for safety and long life. Retards dry-out.
- Larger Through-Partition Welds increase power output and durability.
- Absorbed, Ultra-Pure Demineralized Electrolyte improves service life and off-season storage.
- Enhanced Electrolyte Suspension System retain acid, protect plates, ensuring long life.
- Power-Perform™ Positive And Negative, Full-Frame Plates provide the highest cranking amps and the lowest self-discharge rates for off-season storage.
- Positive Terminal Cap protects against short circuits and sparks during transport and storage.