Odyssey PC680 Drycell Battery

The Odyssey PC680 is a A 12 volt 520CA/170CCA 17 Ah drycell battery w/ female brass terminals capable of delivering up to 520 cranking amps and 170 cold cranking amps. Its military grade AGM design allows it to take the place of not only a starting battery with its unsurpassed cranking power but also a "true" deep cycle. Its pure lead design allows the battery to be completely discharged and recharged for over 400 times without any damage to the plates. The Odyssey PC680's pure lead internal plates are resistant to corrosion and sulfating; the main cause for battery failure. We recommend using the Odyssey Ultimizer shown below for charging the PC680 but any conventional battery charger or alternator up to 15.2 volts and 25 amps will be sufficient.

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Part Number PC680
Voltage 12
Capacity 16 Ah
Chemistry AGM
CCA 170
CA 520
RC 24
Length 7.15 in.
Width 3.00 in.
Height 6.65 in.
Weight 15.4 lbs.
Termination M6 Female
Warranty 2 Year Free Replacement
Manufacturer Odyssey Battery
Replaces: 51913, YTX24HL, YTX24HL-BS, Y50-N18L-A-CX, Y50-N18L-A, Y50-N18-A3, SY50-N18-AT
Additional Information Product Guide, Odyssey Warranty