LS14250 Lithium Battery

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<i>Ships within 1-2 business days. For International shipping costs please contact us.</i><p><h3>Availability: In Stock</h3><p>
The Saft LS14250 is a non-rechargeable lithium battery used in many applications such as security, RFID, medical and many types of electronics.

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Additional Information

Part Number LS14250
Voltage 3.6
Capacity 1.20 Ah
Chemistry Lithium
Size 1/2 AA, 1/2R6, 1/2UM3, 1/2ER6
Diameter 0.58 in. (14.55 mm)
Height 0.98 in. (25.15 mm)
Weight 0.02 lbs.
Termination button top
Replaces: 1770-XZ, 3B26, 418-0076, 60-0576-100, 6135-99-770-2535, 6ES5-980-0MA11, 6ES59800MA11, 742-0011, 922-1262, ER3, ER3S, ER4, LS14250, LS3, LS-3, T04/41, T04/51, TL-2150, TL-2150/S, TL-2151, TL-5101, TL-5112, TL-5151, TL-5151S, TL2150, TL2151, TL5101, TL5112
Additional Information Data Sheet
Brand Saft

The LS14250 3.6 volt "1/2 AA" size lithium-thionyl chloride battery (Li-SOCl2) is used in many applications such as alarm/security systems, computer/memory backup, GPS, utility metering, professional electronic equipment etc. These batteries are designed for long term use (3-20 years).

  • - Next Generation LS Batteries unifying LS14250 & LS14250C (extended capacity)
  • Non-flammable inorganic electrolyte
    - 10 year shelf life if stored at room temperature
  • Excellent reliability over extended operating life
  • ½ AA, AA and A cell models non-restricted to transport by air